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A stay during which the applicant performs remunerative work (professor, journalist, researcher, engineer etc.) in Japan or a stay of over 90 days (student, trainee, etc.) in Japan. Please click here for more details.

The certificate of eligibility issued by the Immigration Bureau of Japan must be submitted to apply this category.

Visa Fees And Service Charges

You must pay the applicable Visa fee and Service fee when submitting your application. The Visa fees are determined based on your Nationality and Type of Entry to Japan. Please refer to the table given below to know your visa fees.

Visa Fees (Effective):


Please Note:

Service Charges/ Commissions : In addition to the standard visa fees, commissions will be charged by Japan Visa Application Centre based on the services provided.

The details are as follows.

Visa Fee is refunded only if the visa is not approved by the Embassy. Service/Courier Charge are inclusive of all taxes and non-refundable.

There is a service charge of NPR (inclusive of all taxes) levied per application over.

Service charge will be levied on applicants exempted from paying visa fees.

All charges (Visa Fee, Service charges and other optional charges) are to be paid in cash only in NPR in Kathmandu.

Optional Charges:

HAL (Inside Kathmandu)-NPR

HAL (outside Kathmandu)-NPR

SMS notification service –NPR

Video Conference – NPR

Fees are inclusive of all taxes and non-refundable.

Documents Required

Requirement List

Note: Kindly arrange the documents in the same order as outlined in Document Checklist and attach a copy of it along with your visa application form.

Important-Please note all photocopies should be on A4 size only

Photo Specifications

Please submit one photograph along with your visa application. The photograph must be:

  • Not more than 6 months old
  • 2 X 2 inch
  • Colored, with plain white background
  • Taken looking straight forward and face seen clearly
  • On a good quality paper

 Processing Time

It takes usually six (06) working days including the date of submission. Please make sure to apply in advance to avoid any inconvenience. In addition there are some cases which may take longer processing period depending on the individual circumstances.

Please Note:

Please note that this is an indicative processing time only. Processing time may increase or decrease at the discretion of the Embassy of Japan.

VFS Global is involved only in non-judgmental task of visa processing and does not play any role in processing the visa application as this is entirely the prerogative of the Embassy of Japan, Kathmandu.

Download Forms

Please submit one completed and signed Visa Application form along with your application

Visa Application Form

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